Onebit Ventures


for the Masses

Onebit Ventures aims to build a Full-Stack DEFI with investment Pool, IDO Pool and NFT Auction on the Binance Smart Chain. It will become economy infrastructure for DeFi and NFT powered by Binance Smart Chain.

OBT operates on top of existing blockchains Binance Smart Chain that is designed to offer maximum value to consumers and institutions. Binance Smart Chain has solved the problem of infrastructure in the context of OBT’s product, and that OBT represents the ideal use case to leverage the technologies offered by its platform.

Our Product Function


Investment Pool

Decentralized asset management protocol connecting the world’s best investment managers with investors on the BSC blockchain in a permissionless, non-custodial, trustless fashion.


CDO Pool

Decentralize the way your ideas raise capital. Be the first to join Onebit, a Protocol built for cross-chain token pools and auctions, enabling projects to raise capital on a decentralized and interoperable environment based on BSC.


DEx Swap

OBT Dex is a decentralized exchange built on top of Binance Smart Chain. OBT Dex will implement the AMM protocol and may in the future be replaced by PMM to get the best liquidity of the Binance Smart Chain to facilitate ordering on its chain. OBT Dex will have the full functionality of a centralized exchange but furthermore it will help users to trade actively and conveniently.


Auction NFT

Auction is one of the most prominent features of the Onebit Ventures platform. This is a highly efficient mechanism of realizing a resource configuration in the face of inadequate information. Auctions can be categorized into three types of procedures for auctions depending on the occurrence of a price development during an auction run and its causes.



OBT Wallet is the official crypto currency wallet of Onebit Ventures included: mobile wallet and extension wallet on browser. OBT Wallet allows users to safely and conveniently store many major cryptocurrencies in the market. In addition, the platform also directly integrates many DApp applications, Art & NFT collection to help users get closer to blockchain technology.


Staking / Mining / Farming Pool

To growup benefit of user who hold OBT token, we are launching a liquidity farming and staking program for users using BSC Swap.

Why Onebit Ventures

We believe that communities are important contributors to solving the problems that remain in the digital asset market. OBT believes that with a quality ecosystem, determined by the community, a transparent and optimal operating model will be the best destination for holder and participant on the systeme.

OBT provides the ability to issue new assets Pool at the lowest cost and create highly liquid capital pools through our platform. This Pool using for invest on some expert and some other crypto project.

OBT is both a Dex and an Project startor. It is the incubator for the development of new projects.

The OBT token economics model introduces a membership system and a fee sharing mechanism. In addition to its governance functions, OBT gives holders trading fee discounts and IDO participation allocations and token Hodler airdrop. The system’s entitle holders to trading fee dividends and membership rewards, as well as the OBT holder benefits.

Our Partners